Are you seeking a tax consultant to assist you in your everyday operations within the healthcare sector?

By profession, you provide assistance to individuals in various healthcare functions, in preventive care, the ER, or you are conducting routine check-ups. It is always important for a healthcare provider to cover the unique needs of each patient on a day-to-day basis. We serve as your dependable partner, alleviating concerns regarding tax, legal, and business management matters. Our highly specialized team of experts will process any paperwork which is essential to your business so that you can entirely focus on your professional responsibilities. We are flexible so that we can adjust our services according to your specific requirements, in a preventive manner as well as in emergency situations – and everything in between.

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Arzt redet mit Patient

Our unique business approach

Law firm SKULD – Tax consultants for medical providers

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We only work online

Clients, partners, and our team are collaborating only online. We deliver efficient accounting, create digital documents and guarantee high data security. We manage documents and archives almost completely without any print-outs.

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We combine tax & legal advice

Our team members are experts with many years of legal experience in the healthcare sector. This is our unique service competence in order to be your comprehensive and optimal provider.

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Foresighted thinking tax advice

In an anticipatory manner, our tax consultation services provide you with upcoming legal changes and potential issues. Also, we provide regular quarterly BWA meetings.

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We offer tax advice that is particularly suitable for healthcare professionals

The tax challenges of the healthcare sector are part of our everyday business. This enables us to provide you with complex advice.

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The special tax situation of doctors, healthcare professionals and medical care centers

When do I charge VAT? When I am not supposed to? Which additional services would increase the turnover of my practice?

It is precisely these kinds of tax law issues that arise for doctors or other healthcare professionals – and can become a problem. But this is exactly where we come in!

We are experts in the healthcare sector. We are very familiar with the complex and seemingly unmanageable tax framework in your sector. That’s why we can offer you customized and comprehensive solutions – tailored to your situation. This applies to setting up a business, expanding a company or selling your practice. We can take care of your bookkeeping, surplus income accounting and payroll accounting. This allows you to devote your full attention to your patients.

If you are looking for the best possible tax benefits, then you have come to the right place.

Our tax consultation services for medical providers

Start-up of a medical office

Conversion to digital technology

Tax advice on purchase, sale or transfer

Cooperations & mergers of medical offices

Evaluations of medical offices

Controlling of medical offices

Profitability & billing audits

Analysis of statutory health insurance invoices

Further services of our firm:

Tax returns

Audits of medical offices

Annual financial statements

Financial and payroll accounting

Working with SKULD is easy

In your onboarding we are analyzing your medical office, your pharmacy or medical care center and we are optimizing your digital proceedings.

  • How are you invoicing your individual health services?
  • What tax challenges does your medical office face?
  • Which billing tool do you use?

We make sure that your relevant tax data will be appropriately submitted to the tax office and we will prepare external tax audits so that no issues arise.

Our bonus: Processes will be documented by using digital technology and via the internet only. You won´t need to keep paper receipts any longer.

Work with us – and create your positive future!

Our team will assist you as

Tax consultants for doctors

Tax consultants for medical care centers

Tax consultants for pharmacies

Tax consultants for alternative practitioners, psychotherapists, speech therapists & podiatrists

Tax consultants for care services

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