Tax advisors for e-commerce

Are you looking for a tax consultant who really knows the subtleties of ecommerce and can work to your advantage?

As entrepreneurs and online retailers navigate the complexities of digital commerce, finding a tax advisor who knows every technical term is more than just a bonus. Our team is the right provider for you! We are fluent in the jargon of online business, seamlessly understanding terms like “OSS,” “dropshipping,” “multichannel,” and “PAN-EU.”

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At our firm, these terms aren’t just industry buzzwords; they’re our playground. With a deep understanding of e-commerce and all related issues, we’re competent to reliably address your concerns with ease and precision.
Are you ready to propel your business forward? We are here to help and share our expertise. Reach out to us today and let’s pave the way for your success.

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We are outstanding for many reasons!

Law firm SKULD - Tax consultants for e-commerce

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We work online only

Our team, partners and clients collaborate online only. We deliver efficient accounting, create digital documents and guarantee high data security. The software invoicefetcher® even automates invoicing.
We manage documents and archives almost completely without any print-outs.

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We deliver perfect expertise - in law and tax

We’ve teamed up with legal experts in the fields of IT, employment, and tax law, each with a background of many years of experience in the e-commerce industry. This unique team can deliver customized services to you in an optimal and comprehensive manner.

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Foresighted thinking tax advice

We provide you with forward-looking advice on changes in the legal situation and how these may affect your individual matters. We also conduct quarterly business analysis meetings with our clients.

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Tax experts for online retailers

Our comprehensive consultations are covering a multitude of relevant issues, such as delivery thresholds, advance VAT returns, and cross-border declarations.

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Is processing large volumes of data part of your company's daily routine?

This is no challenge for our team!

Usually, a tax consultant is over-challenged regarding the high data volumes and accounting operations of an online shop because of limited capacities and insufficient internal workflows. As a result, they may issue overpriced invoices to their clients.

By focusing our law firm’s efforts exclusively on e-commerce accounting from the very beginning, we excel at processing your accounting data quickly and in a competent manner.

Our tax consultant services for e-commerce companies

Financial accounting

Annual accounts

Payroll accounting

Tax return

Company audits

Special VAT features

The easy way to work with SKULD

In an onboarding session we go through your company’s or shop´s data and optimize your digital procedures.

  • Which countries do you sell to?
  • Which countries do you store in?
  • Which merchandise management system or billing tool do you use?

And then, we’ll make sure that your company’s tax data can be efficiently transmitted to the revenue office.

Also you won´t need to store receipts and paperwork on shelves any longer. With us, you only work and archive online.
With us, you are ready for the future of your marketplace..

We will assist you as:

Tax consultant for eBay

Tax consultant for Amazon FBA

Tax consultant for Etsy

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