Are you an influencer on social media and need expert tax advice?

With your activity in particular, a specialized and professional approach regarding tax regulations is important. Why? We advise influencers on legal issues, including tax law in particular. There is a lot to consider, There is a lot to consider, but such an activity hardly leaves you any time beyond your core activities!

We at SKULD will be happy to cover your legal needs! Based on your documents, we will determine whether your income is considered to be that of a business or whether you have the legal status of a self-employed person. In particular, we can determine the extent to which you are subject to VAT – especially if you operate internationally, i.e. across national borders and jurisdictions. Can you deduct business expenses from tax, for example your entire office? Do you have to declare products or gifts that you receive from your partners as part of your work in your tax return? We have the answers – and it is our legal experts who will assist you in fulfilling your tax obligations correctly so that you avoid tax offenses.

Even if you are just starting out with your influencer activity, we can explain the legal options for setting up your professional self-employment, in particular the different company forms.

Because we take the burden of complex tax matters off your shoulders, you can focus on building your optimal media presence, maintaining your community and creating diverse web content!

What makes us stand out

SKULD – Tax consultants for influencers

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We are working online

Our collaboration with partners, clients and with every member of our team is performed completely remotely and online. We are serving you with efficient accounting, digital receipts and high data security. Almost no print-outs are required!

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We combine legal and tax-related advice

Our team includes legal experts in IT, tax and ecommerce. Such a combination is unique for a law firm. This enables us to provide you with the best possible advice.

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Tax consultations with foresight

We can point out changes in the legal situation and possible advantages for you with foresight. We can advise you on your business expenses, bookkeeping and business registration.

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Tax experts for content creators

With many years of professional experiences we can deliver expert advice regarding any online platform in a comprehensive manner.

The fact that a high income can be generated via social media is not only known to you , but also to the tax authorities

Most influencers are enthusiastic about lots of followers. But the more popular you become on the internet, the more you earn. The tax office takes notice. High income opportunities from the internet have also come to the attention of the tax authorities. As a result, they are closely checking whether income is taxed in accordance with the law, whether private and commercial expenses are unambiguously reported and how you as a taxpayer declare gifts and benefits in kind. If you make any mistakes here, you may even be prosecuted and have to pay back taxes, not least penalty interest. As an influencer, you just have to keep a low profile under tax law.

Competent tax consultants can not only assist influencers with the correct taxation of their income. We are also legally experienced when it comes to the issues of surreptitious advertising or bogus self-employment. The experienced tax law experts at SKULD will provide you with detailed information on the range of tax obligations in any individual situation. Our aim is always to ensure that you act in accordance with the law and manage your income in the best possible way. Our advice will spare you any unpleasant surprises.

Our tax consultations for influencers include the following services

We advise influencers on setting up a business

We can act as your consultants if you are about to set up a business. Important topics here include all aspects of tax optimization, business planning and deciding on the legal form of your company.

We will find the most tax-efficient social media channel

Which platform is the most tax-efficient for your projects and your activities as an influencer? We can analyze this precisely – to your advantage.

Advice on VAT

We analyze your situation in detail with regard to sales tax, VAT, even when it comes to income under international or foreign law.

Can you deduct costs for rent and utilities as well as for your vacation from your taxes?

We will explain exactly that to you. In this way, you can minimize the final amount of your tax payments and make the most of your financial resources and streams of income.

Deduct gifts and promotional packages from your taxes

As an influencer, you have the advantage of being able to deduct promotional gifts and other free products from your taxes efficiently and in full compliance with the law. We can provide you with optimal advice on precisely this topic.

Influencer partnerships can be optimized in compliance with tax law

When influencers join forces to become business partners, tax advantages can be achieved. We provide advice, review contracts and show you to what extent all tax regulations can be utilized in individual situations.

As a content creator, our team provides you with expert advice

Working with us, with the team of SKULD is easy

While we are onboarding you as a new client, we will collect information about your activities as an influencer on your platforms in order to find out which taxes you will have to pay or what you can save and deduct in your text return.

  • When do I have to register my trade?

  • How do I have to declare gifts in my tax return?

  • What expenses can be deducted as part of my business operations?

We make sure that your data is transmitted quickly to the tax office – in particular, in full and on time. We avoid you having to make additional payments or being penalized.

Start your successful future – with our consultation!

We are frequently asked the following questions:

Are influencers freelancers or do they have to register their business as a company?

The business model in each individual case determines whether influencers are considered to pursue a trade or acting as freelancers. A “freelancer” works independently – primarily in the scientific, teaching, educational or artistic field. However, “influencers” usually focus on commercial product placements and advertisements and are therefore subject to trade tax.

How high are tax payments for influencers?

Influencers are subject to income tax. In 2024, payments (depending on income) of between 14% and 42% of total income will be due. An influencer who is considered pursuing a trade also pays trade tax if they earn over €24,500 per year. This tax rate depends on the individual municipality. In addition, a sales tax rate of 19% is due.

The exact amount of the tax payment depends on the total income, deductible business expenses, allowances and the tax situation of the respective influencer. This can always be optimized from the view of a competent tax advisor. Our professional team of experts will determine your tax obligations and help you to meet them in full.

What costs are tax-deductibles?

As an influencer, you can deduct from your taxes all costs that you invest to perform your professional activities – This includes, for example, expenditure on technical equipment such as computers, cameras, microphones and software. You can also claim costs for your workplace, such as internet fees, electricity costs and rent, as well as expenses for office supplies, against tax.

However, these costs must be clearly allocated to professional purposes. Clothing and cosmetics are therefore only deductible in special cases, but not normally. Our tax advisors can help you here – we want you to exploit the tax law to your benefit and to file a correct tax return.

To what extent do influencers have to pay tax on gifts?

Gifts received as part of influencer activities must be taxed as income. These are often promotional products that then become the property of the influencer as a non-cash benefit. This “cash value” is added to the taxable income.

To what extent does the small business regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung) apply to influencers?

Influencers must generally add 19% VAT to their services and pay this rate to the tax office. However, if their annual income is less than €22,000, they are exempt from this obligation – this corresponds to the so-called small business regulation.

However, it is sometimes advantageous not to make use of the above-mentioned regulation. Influencers who add VAT to their own services can receive a refund of VAT from the total costs for operating expenses (technology, camera, computer) via input tax deduction. An advance VAT return must be submitted monthly and the VAT has to be paid to the tax office.

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