Do you earn a living as a content creator? On platforms such as OnlyFans,, BestFans and others? Do you have questions about the taxation of your income?

If you easily generate lucrative income on the above-mentioned or other platforms, you can avoid significant additional tax payments with good advice. We act as tax consultants in these matters and specialize in systems such as OnlyFans.

Typically, a content creator is unaware of the tax-related dangers they may easily neglect. Every country has different tax laws and therefore it is important to pay attention to where exactly the headquarters of these platforms are located. You might have to pay taxes you haven’t been informed about and also have to pay particular attention to questions on your tax return.

We assist you with business registrations, bookkeeping, invoicing and tax returns. SKULD takes care of all kinds of paperwork and procedures so that you get the most benefits for your tax situation.

Steuerberater OnlyFans
Steuerberater OnlyFans

What makes us stand out

SKULD – Tax consultants for OnlyFans.

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We work exclusively online

Our collaboration with clients, partners and team members works only online. You will benefit from efficient accounting, exclusively digital documents and high data security. No print-outs or binders are needed.

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We are a one-stop shop for tax and law

Our legal and tax experts handle IT law as well as all aspects of e-commerce. We are offering you extensive professional experience so that we can provide you with the best possible advice.

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Our tax advice is forward-looking

We advise you with foresight on legal changes and the according advantages you can benefit from. We provide you with precise consultation on business expenses, bookkeeping and business registration.

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We are the competent tax consultants for every content creator

We have been familiar with the specific legal policies of the platforms that are important for content creators for years, so we can navigate our clients safely through guidelines and regulations.

Special tax conditions apply to content creators (on OnlyFans etc.)

Anyone working as a content creator must comply with special tax regulations to avoid unexpected claims from the tax office.

Income from OnlyFans is no different from income from other commercial activities in terms of tax law. A business registration and taxation of the money is always required. There are certainly a few exceptions.

It has to be noted that OnlyFans pays VAT for its active content creators. However, this is not standard in Germany. Therefore, this information must also be submitted to the tax office. With foresight, potential difficulties can be avoided. Otherwise, VAT could be requested directly from entrepreneurs who are active on platforms with headquarters in other EU countries and pay fees for this.

If a customer (OnlyFans etc.) pays the VAT, this is called the reverse charge procedure.

The tax consultants in our team have years of experience in the legal framework regarding OnlyFans. Our advice can include business registration, the most advantageous tax return and all other tax aspects for the activities of a content creator. With us, you can ensure your success – and avoid problems with the tax office before they arise.

Our tax consultant services for OnlyFans

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Tax advice

Working with SKULD is easy and streamlined

The first step in working with you is onboarding. We analyze your online presence on the relevant platform and optimize your digital processes.

  • Under what circumstances do you need to register a business?

  • When do you need to issue invoices?

  • To what extent is health insurance required for the content creator?

We ensure that your data is transmitted to the tax authorities completely and quickly. You can concentrate on your core business without penalties and back taxes.

Start your successful future with us!

Our clients are frequently asking questions like this:

Do I have to register my business?

Content creators generate income, for example, by selling web content via the OnlyFans platform.
This is legally considered a commercial activity
that is carried out by freelancers and with the intention of making a profit. This counts as an active participation in the general economic market. If any income is generated, a trade must be registered with the trade office.

The fee for registering a business in Germany amounts to approximately 30 or even 40 €. A questionnaire for tax registration must also be completed and forwarded to the tax office, which then issues a VAT identification number.

Content creators who are negligent at this point and do not register their business may be in for a negative surprise. This is because platforms such as Onlyfans, BestFans, Mym.Fans and others are legally obliged to report the income of their content creators to the tax authorities. Foreign tax offices also send control data to the German tax authorities. The income of content creators therefore does not remain hidden from the authorities. Anyone who is not careful here runs the risk of having to pay back taxes and penalties. At SKULD, we routinely keep ourselves informed about the current legal situation and can therefore guide you towards a legally compliant business registration. This will help you avoid negative legal consequences.

What taxes have to be paid?

OnlyFans pays the sales tax incurred by the content creator working on the platform. However, such a procedure is not the norm in Germany. The tax authorities in Germany should therefore always be informed of such activities in advance and be asked to confirm their knowledge of them. In this way, problems can be avoided in advance.

The European Court of Justice (judgment of 28.02.2023 – C 695/20) confirmed that content creators provide services to the OnlyFans platform, which must pay VAT to the UK tax authorities accordingly.

Anyone who generates content on OnlyFans must pay income tax – just like any freelancer, entrepreneur or business person, who generates sales and profits. Income tax is also payable here. However, only those who earn more than €24,500 per year are liable to pay trade tax.

How do I issue an invoice? Who do I have to invoice to?

You have to submit to OnlyFans an invoice that includes the reverse charge notice. As a content creator, OnlyFans pays you 80% of your profit, but you must invoice 100%. You will invoice OnlyFans for the commission of 20 %. The 80% counts for income tax purposes in Germany.

Difficulties may arise when preparing invoices. At SKULD, we support you with our experienced tax consultants for the content creator sector.
With our help, you will receive the full extent of your earnings and can avoid problems with the tax office.

What can I deduct from tax? What counts as business expenses?

You can deduct all costs incurred in connection with your business from your tax bill. In particular, these are costs for technical equipment (cameras, computers, microphones, software, etc.). In addition, rental and electricity costs, internet fees and office supplies for your work premises can also be deducted.

However, these expenses must be used primarily for business purposes. Costs for clothing and make-up may have to be taxed; the tax office will examine this more closely.

However, the individual regulations may vary. Always seek the advice of our competent tax advisor – then you can make the most of your tax benefits and complete your tax return correctly.

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